Ali Göktogan

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This paper proposes a control strategy based on forward reachable sets (FRSs) analysis for multiple pursuers to capture an evader with a higher maneuverability than the pursuers. The strategy first finds the pursuers' capture states at which their FRSs cover the evader's entire FRS so as to improve the possibility of capture. The pursuers approach these(More)
This article presents the implementation of decentralized data fusion (DDF) and cooperative control algorithms on an unmanned aerial system (UAS). We conduct a number of demonstrations with a pair of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) performing an information-gathering mission, and we show that significant benefits can be achieved by enabling cooperation(More)
This paper presents a methodology for the system identification of a light weight, small-scale parafoil suspended motorized aircraft, known as a paramotor. The study is concerned with the acquisition of linear models describing both the lateral and longitudinal dynamics of the aircraft, with an emphasis on practical techniques that can be implemented in the(More)