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In this paper, we propose a new computer-aided detection (CAD) - based method to detect pulmonary embolism (PE) in computed tomography angiography images (CTAI). Since lung vessel segmentation is the main objective to provide high sensitivity in PE detection, this method performs accurate lung vessel segmentation. To concatenate clogged vessels due to PEs,(More)
Robot control systems are designed for different purposes such as picking and placing, painting, welding, and carrying. Industrial robots use vision systems to perform their tasks. Due to the growing cost of row materials, workmanship, energy, and growing up competition environment, manufacturers are forced to produce cheaper and high quality productions.(More)
This paper proposes a novel adaptation design to replace the classical proportional-integral controller used in model reference adaptive system (MRAS) speed estimation. The proposed adaptation scheme is an association of two fuzzy units. The rules of each module were obtained by user experience and numerical data. In the traditional fuzzy logic controllers,(More)
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