Ali Fuat Çiçek

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OBJECTIVE To review retrospectively the clinical symptoms, laboratory findings and treatment outcomes of patients with Brucellar epididymo-orchitis. MATERIAL AND METHOD Retrospective data of 28 patients with Brucellar epididymo-orchitis who admitted to four medical centers between 2005 and 2013 were retrospectively reviewed. Positive blood culture,(More)
BACKGROUND Chemical pleurodesis is widely recommended in the treatment of refractory pleural effusion or pulmonary air leak of different etiologies. Although several agents have been used, many questions have remained unanswered about their toxicity. Talc is the most commonly used agent for the treatment, with rare, serious complications reported.(More)
OBJECTIVES It has been reported that the neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) can be measured relatively easily and can serve as a valuable index for much clinical pathology. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between NLR and hepatic histological findings in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). DESIGN AND METHODS A(More)
In this article, we report a patient with pulmonary hydatid cysts with coexisting tuberculosis and review the literature. A 21-year-old male was admitted to our department with a history of pulmonary hydatid cysts. In further investigation of the pulmonary lesions, computed tomography of the chest showed bilateral pulmonary multinodular lesions. Open lung(More)
Nevus sebaceus (NS) is a congenital, benign, hamartomatous lesion and it is possible to see several benign or malignant tumors accompanying it. One of these is the poroma, which is very rare, and has only been reported twice before, in the English literature. In this paper, we presented two new cases of NS. One of them was a 40-year-old male who presented(More)
Impetigo herpetiformis (IH) is a very rare type of dermatosis seen in pregnancy. According to the published work, IH during pregnancy is associated with the risk of stillbirth, and obstetric management in such cases is very important. Early recognition is important to reduce both maternal and fetal morbidity. We present a case of IH resistant to(More)
Chronic sclerosing sialadenitis, known as KT, was first described in 1896 by Kuttner. KT is clinically characterised by a firm mass of submandibular gland in middle-aged adults. This is an uncommon tumor-like lesion that typically involves one of the submandibular glands [1-3]. The treatment of choice is complete removal of the affected gland. The(More)
BACKGROUND In recent days, synthetic cannabinoid derivatives have become life threatening for young people. Here, we want to share a case of acute eosinophilic pneumonia triggered by inhalation of synthetic cannabinoid, new side effects of which are being detected day by day. CASE REPORT A 21-year-old male, who had no history of pulmonary diseases, was(More)
The SHAVE trial is a prospective trial in which 235 women with stage 0 to 3 disease undergoing partial mastectomy were randomized intraoperatively to either have cavity shave`s (CSMs) taken at the time of initial surgery or not. In this study, 9 of the 76 patients (11.8%) with initially negative margins randomized to the "shave" group had occult cancers(More)
INTRODUCTION Our goal was to evaluate benign and malignant lesions and testicular intraepithelial neoplasia (TIN) in the neighbouring normal-appearing testis tissue in men who underwent radical orchiectomy for testicular mass with a pathologic tumour size of ≤3cm. METHODS In this retrospective, multicentre study, data of 252 patients from 11 different(More)