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Pi in the Sky
Deviations of the observed cosmic microwave background (CMB) from the standard model, known as "anomalies", are obviously highly significant and deserve to be pursued more aggressively in order to
A Farewell to Falsifiability
Some of the most obviously correct physical theories - namely string theory and the multiverse - make no testable predictions, leading many to question whether we should accept something as
The search for life and a new logic
This book gives examples of the sort of reasoning that has been used to narrow and focus this search for extraterrestrial life and argues that obvious extensions to that logical framework will result in greater success.
Natural Dark Energy
It is now well accepted that both Dark Matter and Dark Energy are required in any successful cosmological model. Although there is ample evidence that both Dark components are necessary, the
Cosmic Conspiracies
The now standard vanilla-flavoured LambdaCDM model has gained further confirmation with the release of the 3-year WMAP data combined with several other cosmological data-sets. As the parameters of
Pranks and Astronomical Antics
Some scientists take themselves and their work very seriously. However, there are plenty of cases of humour being combined with science. Here I review some examples from the broad fields of physics
Down-sizing Forever
Evidence for cosmic down-sizing has been growing over the last decade. It is now clear that the major star-forming epoch for the largest galaxies occurred earlier than for smaller galaxies. This not
A new kind of radio transient: ERBs
We describe the discovery of a new kind of radio transient, which we call "early-riser bursts" or ERBs. We found this new class of source by considering traditional radio searches, but extending into
The CMB flexes its BICEPs while walking the Planck
Recent microwave polarization measurements from the BICEP2 experiment may reveal a long-sought signature of inflation. However, these new results appear inconsistent with the best-fit model from the