Ali Feliachi

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| This paper provides a tutorial introduction to phasor measurement units (PMU) when applied in a power system environment, provides an overview of communication alternatives for wide area measurement systems (WAMS), and computes the delay budget for each type of communication link. The goal of this study is to provide data regarding the communication delay(More)
Abstract— Voltage deviations occur frequently in power systems. If the violation at some buses falls outside the prescribed range, it will be necessary to correct the problem by controlling reactive power resources. In this paper, an optimal algorithm is proposed to solve this problem by identifying the voltage buses, that will have a maximum effect on the(More)
This paper describes the concept of improving operation of a distribution circuit of the future through installment of interoperable devices, including distributed energy resources (DER) that are controlled using a multi-agent system approach. This concept for improving distribution service is being considered by SCE’s DER Program, with additional(More)
The automatic reconfiguration of electric shipboard power systems is an important step toward improved fightthrough and self-healing capabilities of naval warships. The improvements are envisioned by redesigning the electric power system and its controls. This paper presents a new scheme for an energy management system in the form of distributed control(More)
The distribution network reconfiguration is a process that consists of changing the status of the network switches for re-routing the power after a fault occurrence, or to optimize some given criteria. Traditionally, feeder reconfiguration is a complex combinatorial and constrained optimization problem because of the numerous combinations of candidate(More)
This paper proposes a service restoration algorithm in distribution systems with Distributed Generation (DG) and considering priority customers. When a fault occurs in Power Distribution Systems (PDS), it is essential for the utility companies to restore the service to their customers as soon as possible. To restore the service, faulty zones should be(More)
in this paper a hybrid multi agent system approach for fast power restoration in power distribution systems is presented. Hybrid structure of MAS provides the capability of solving the restoration problem with taking the advantages of both centralized and distributed agent structures. Bottom-up order of agents constructing the MAS is zone agents, feeder and(More)
The authors propose a method for designing discrete-time decentralized state estimators for interconnected large-scale systems. The interface variables, which can be considered as a stochastic input to the subsystems, are measured with a least-squares estimator. This stochastic input is replaced by the estimate and a noise term. Local Kalman filters are(More)