Ali Farhoomand

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Craig Knight, Asia-Pacific Digital Business and Customer Services Manager of Eastman Chemical Company, was given a mandate to sell Eastman’s philosophy for an integrated electronic supply chain, otherwise known as the Integrated System Solution (ISS), to its business partners in the region, and to encourage adoption. Having invested in a state-of-the-art(More)
The impact of Information Technology on managing enterprises continues unabated. Realizing the potential of IT has become a critical concern as the investments mount exponentially. The prosperity of organizations requires that IT resources are used productively by people.This study tests for constraints in the productive use of Information Technology by(More)
With globalization, outsourcing, changing regulations and rapid technological innovations, companies are forced to embrace more agile business architecture. This in turn calls for enterprise applications that are based on open standards, simple to implement, and easy to modify and upgrade. In response to these structural changes in the market and customer(More)
Banks have long been among the most intensive users of information technology (IT). Globalization has further accentuated banks’ reliance on IT, leading to further increase in their IT investment. It is not all that clear, however, whether these investments pay off. This case presents the complexities involved in measuring IT investment by comparing and(More)