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Reactive power optimization (RPO) is an important issue for providing the secure and economic run of the power systems. The importance of reactive power planning on economic profit and secure running has been increasing, because of the increasing fuel costs and investment funds. It is also quite important for an electric operator to provide voltage in a(More)
Two experiments were performed to examine the effects of inoculation of barley cv. Tokak 157/37 with indigenous and non-indigenous bacterial strains. A greenhouse experiment was carried out with 75 strains isolated from Erzurum Plain and Pasinler Plain soils of Turkey, and the 6 non-indigenous strains. The 41 strains had significant positive effects on(More)
In this study, boundary extraction between textures is examined. The overall system consists of three stages. In the first stage, the gradients in feature space are estimated using a modified version of gray-level edge detection operators. For comparison purposes, both the Prewitt and Sobel operators are used. The second stage involves application of a(More)
Original scientific paper Reactive power optimization (RPO) is a major field of study to ensure power systems for operating in a secure and economical manner. RPO can be used for decreasing of active power losses, voltage control, and for the optimization of the power coefficients in power systems. The non-linear power loss function is used as an object(More)
Several space electric propulsion devices, such as ion engines and Hall effect thrusters, use hollow cathodes as the electron sources for providing the necessary electrons for the ionization of the propellant and to neutralize the ion beam leaving the thruster. Most of the hollow cathodes used in space applications have used Barium-oxide impregnated(More)
Transcranial Doppler (TCD) is a non-invasive diagnosis method which is used in diagnosis of various brain diseases by measuring the blood flow velocities in brain arteries. In this study, chaos analysis of the TCD signals recorded from the middle arteries of the temporal region of brain of the 82 patients and 23 healthy people was investigated. Among 82(More)
The fundamental principle of cold rolling process is the tension produced by the coiling and uncoiling motors of the rolling machine. If the tension is not properly regulated, the strip thickness will not be homogenous over the surface and even ruptures may occur. Therefore, short-term prediction of the aluminium strip thickness is important to control the(More)
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