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The effect of substrate to inoculum (So/Xo) ratio and supplementation of magnetite/graphene oxide (MGO) nano-composite material on hydrogen production from gelatinaceous wastewater via dark fermentation process was investigated. Results demonstrated that optimum So/Xo ratio of 1.0gCOD/gVSS achieved maximal hydrogen yield (HY) of 79.2±11.9mL H2/gCOD removed.(More)
A new series of complexes of 4,4'-[1,4-phenylenenedi(nitilo)]dipenten-2-one, (H(2)L) with CuX(2) x nH(2)O, X = Cl, Br, ClO(4), NO(3) and OAc; n = 1-6 as well as their ethylenediamine adducts have been synthesized and characterized by different physical techniques. The formulation of the complexes is assumed based on their elemental analysis and the molar(More)
Copper(II) and cadmium(II) complexes of 5-(4'-derivatives phenyldiazo)-3-phenyl-2-thioxo-4-thiazolidinone (HLn) were prepared, their compositions and physicochemical properties were characterized by elemental analysis, magnetic suseptibility measurements, and infrared, electronic spectra. The novel complexes have the stoichiometric formulae(More)
A novel series of Ru(III) complexes with 5(-4'-derivatives phenyldiazo)-3-phenyl-2-thioxo-4-thiazolidinone (HLn) have been prepared. The ligands and structural composition of complexes were confirmed and characterized by various physico-chemical techniques. The spectral data were utilized to compute the important ligand field parameters B, beta and Dq. The(More)
A new series of iron(III) complexes are synthesized from the reaction of the polyfunctional ligands 1-benzotriazol-1-yl-1-[p-X-phenyl]hydrazono]propan-2-one (X=H, Cl, NO(2), CH(3) or OCH(3) corresponding to HL(1),HL(2), HL(3), HL(4) or HL(5), respectively, with iron(III) chloride in the presence of LiOH by the conventional and microwave induced energy(More)
The synthesis of several new coordination compounds of dioxouranium(VI) heterochelates with bidentate rhodanineazol compounds derived from rhodanine are described. The ligands and uranyl complexes have been charcaterized by various physico-chemical techniques. The bond lengths and the force constants have been calculated from asymmetric stretching frequency(More)
A new series of Zn(2+), Cu(2+), Ni(2+), and Co(2+) complexes of N(1)-methyl-2-(1H-1,2,3-benzotriazol-1-yl)-3-oxobutanethioamide (MBOBT), HL, has been synthesized and characterized by different spectral and magnetic measurements and elemental analysis. IR spectral data indicates that (MBOBT) exists only in the thione form in the solid state while 13C NMR(More)
The effect of cultural growth treating gelatinaceous wastewater on hydrogen fermentative was assessed using up-flow multi-stage anaerobic sponge reactor (UMASR) and anaerobic sequencing batch reactor (AnSBR). Both reactors were operated at five hydraulic retention times (HRTs). UMASR achieved the maximum COD removal efficiency of 60.2±4.4% at HRT of 48h.(More)
The reaction of NiCl(2).H(2)O with 1-benzotriazol-1-yl-[(p-X-phenyl)hydrazone]propan-2-one, X=H (HL(1)), X=Cl (HL(2)), X=Br (HL(3)) and X=Me (HL(4)), gave the complexes [(HL)NiCl(2)] x nH(2)O and [LNi(OH)](2), where L is the monobasic anion of HL(2) or HL(3). The nature of the products is solvent and ligand dependent. The complexes are characterized by(More)
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