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  • Ali E. Abbas
  • 2004
—This paper presents an optimal question-selection algorithm to elicit von Neumann and Morgenstern utility values for a set of ordered prospects of a decision situation. The approach uses information theory and entropy-coding principles to select the minimum expected number of questions needed for utility elicitation. At each stage of the questionnaire, we(More)
Assessment of multiattribute utility functions is significantly simplified if it is possible to decompose the function into more manageable pieces. Utility independence is a powerful property that serves well for this purpose, but if it is not appropriate in a given situation, what options does the analyst have? We review some possibilities and propose a(More)
This paper investigates the effect of high-intensity ultrasound on the breakage characteristics of particles suspended in water. A continuous sonicated flow experimental apparatus is used involving a 24 kHz horn type transducer and continuous in-line particle chord length measurement. The effects of sonication power (150-350 W) and temperature (10-50(More)
A modified multifluid nozzle spray drier was used to prepare drug containing microparticles of a poorly water-soluble anti-malarial drug, artemisinin (ART) with the aim of improving its solubility. We investigated the spray drying of ART with maltodextrin (MD) via a full factorial experimental design considering the effect of drying temperature, feed ratio(More)
W e present the results of an experiment comparing two popular methods for encoding probability distributions of continuous variables in decision analysis: eliciting values of a variable, X, through comparisons with a fixed probability wheel and eliciting the percentiles of the cumulative distribution, F FX, through comparisons with fixed values of the(More)