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Forensic DNA identification techniques are principally based on determination of the size or sequence of desired PCR products. The fragmentation of DNA templates or the structural modifications that can occur during the decomposition process can impact the outcomes of the analytical procedures. This study reviews the pathways involved in cell death and DNA(More)
  • Ali E. Abbas
  • 2004
—This paper presents an optimal question-selection algorithm to elicit von Neumann and Morgenstern utility values for a set of ordered prospects of a decision situation. The approach uses information theory and entropy-coding principles to select the minimum expected number of questions needed for utility elicitation. At each stage of the questionnaire, we(More)
W e present the results of an experiment comparing two popular methods for encoding probability distributions of continuous variables in decision analysis: eliciting values of a variable, X, through comparisons with a fixed probability wheel and eliciting the percentiles of the cumulative distribution, F FX, through comparisons with fixed values of the(More)