Ali Dashti

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An emerging area of database system research is to provide support for continuous media data types, such as digital audio and video. These data types are expected to play a major role in applications such as library information systems, scientiic databases, entertainment technology, etc. They require both a high volume of storage and a high bandwidth(More)
We investigate the computability of countable subshifts in one dimension, and their members. Subshifts of Cantor–Bendixson rank two contain only eventually periodic elements. Any rank two subshift in 2ℤ is decidable. Subshifts of rank three may contain members of arbitrary Turing degree. In contrast, effectively closed ( $\Pi^{0}_{1}$ ) subshifts of rank(More)
This paper presents an implementation of the brute-force exact k-Nearest Neighbor Graph (k-NNG) construction for ultra-large high-dimensional data cloud. The proposed method uses Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and is scalable with multi-levels of parallelism (between nodes of a cluster, between different GPUs on a single node, and within a GPU). The(More)
In this paper, we describe a new brute force algorithm for building the k-Nearest Neighbor Graph (k-NNG). The k-NNG algorithm has many applications in areas such as machine learning, bio-informatics, and clustering analysis. While there are very efficient algorithms for data of low dimensions, for high dimensional data the brute force search is the best(More)
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