Ali Darvishi Boloorani

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This research analyses the suburban expansion in the metropolitan area of Tehran, Iran. A hybrid model consisting of logistic regression model, Markov chain (MC), and cellular automata (CA) was designed to improve the performance of the standard logistic regression model. Environmental and socio-economic variables dealing with urban sprawl were(More)
In this work a new gap-fill technique entitled projection transformation has been developed and used for filling missed parts of remotely sensed imagery. In general techniques for filling missed area of an image are broken down into three main categories: multi-source techniques that take the advantages of other data sources (e.g. using cloud free images to(More)
The Landsat-7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) is the sensor payload on the Landsat-7 satellite imager (launched on April 15th, 1999) that is a derivative of the Landsat-4 and 5 Thematic Mapper (TM) land imager sensors. Scan Line Corrector (SLC) malfunctioning appeared onboard on May 31, 2003. The SLC-Off problem was caused by failure of the SLC which(More)
Flood spreading is a suitable strategy for controlling and benefiting from floods. Selecting suitable areas for flood spreading and directing the floodwater into permeable formations are amongst the most effective strategies in flood spreading projects. Having combined geographic information systems (GIS) and multi-criteria decision analysis approaches, the(More)
The air temperature is an essential variable in many applications related to Earth science. Sporadic spatial distribution of weather stations causes a low spatial resolution of measured air temperatures. This study focused on modeling the air diurnal temperature cycle (DTC) based on the land surface temperature (LST) DTC. The air DTC model parameters were(More)
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