Ali Daraeepour

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Competitive structure of power markets causes various challenges for wind resources to participate in these markets. Indeed, production uncertainty is the main cause of their low income. Thus, they are usually supported by system operators, which is in contrast with the competitive paradigm of power markets. In this paper, a new strategy for increasing the(More)
This paper explores the effects of allowing large, price-responsive consumers to provide reserves in a power system with significant penetration of wind energy. A bilevel optimization model represents the utility maximization problem of a large consumer, subject to a stochastic day-ahead co-optimization of energy and reserves that a system operator would(More)
This work aims to build up on a new measurement method to monitor the speed, velocity, and mechanical impedance of an electric machine (a linear motor) without using conventional sensors. Tested is a back-drivable linear motor stage which uses the linear motor electric machine as simultaneous sensor cum actuator. By calibrating the Transduction Matrix of(More)
Accurate wind forecasting is valuable for a number of stake holders including farm, system and microgrid operators. The variability and non-linearity of the wind speed/power signal, compounded with the scarcity of time series data, constitute a challenge and make imperious the need of accurate and robust methods for wind forecasting. This paper presents a(More)
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