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In 105 consecutive patients with de novo acute myeloid leukemia (French-American-British M3 excluded), we compared prospectively the risk of bleeding complications, the number of platelet and red blood cell transfusions administered , and the costs of transfusions using two different prophylactic platelet transfusion protocols. Two hundred sixteen cycles of(More)
We studied the effect of cod-liver oil on the development and progression of coronary artery disease in swine subjected to coronary balloon abrasion and fed an atherogenic diet for eight months. Sections from serial 3-mm segments of the coronary arteries were analyzed morphometrically in 7 pigs given a cod-liver-oil supplement and 11 control animals not(More)
Advanced complicated atherosclerosis was produced in the abdominal aorta of swine by a combination of mechanical injury and high-cholesterol, high-fat diet for four months. After removal of the high-cholesterol diet and placing the animal on swine mash for 14 months, there was a significant (P less than .005) decrease in size of lesions with remodeling of(More)
Atherosclerosis produced in the abdominal aortas of swine by balloon injury and six-month feeding of a high-cholesterol diet resulted in a spectrum of lesions that varied, by gross and/or microscopic examination, from early nonelevated fatty streaks to markedly advanced necrotic and calcified atheromas. On gross examination, the flat lesions had disappeared(More)