Ali Cimen

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Lesioning using radiofrequency (RF) current has been increasingly used in clinical practice for the treatment of pain syndromes. Although formation of heat causing "thermocoagulation" of the nervous tissues is thought to be responsible of the clinical outcome, a more recent modality of RF application named pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) delivers the RF current(More)
INTRODUCTION While opioids have become a standard treatment option for those experiencing moderate to severe chronic pain, side effects of constipation and related symptoms have interfered with their usage in as many as 40-50% of treated patients. Prior research has elucidated the range of these symptoms, but no study has determined which of these symptoms(More)
INTRODUCTION Opioid-induced constipation (OIC) is the most common side effect of opioid treatment. Treatment for OIC typically involves a laxative. However, some patients have an inadequate response to these (laxative inadequate responders, or LIR). This has led to the development of treatments such as naloxegol. This analysis estimates the impact of(More)
Chronic pain originating from the cervical spine, that may have diverse etiological factors, is a common condition in the clinical practice. Having distinct properties in the spine, cervical column has a wide range of motion and is commonly subject to traumatic injury. In this review, after the anatomical properties that has clinical significance and the(More)
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