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BACKGROUND To describe the impact of the post-abortion family planning counseling in bringing about the contraceptive usage in women who had induced abortion in a family planning clinic. METHOD The Diyarbakir Office of Turkish Family Planning Association (DTFPA) is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization which runs a family planning clinic to serve(More)
BACKGROUND Molecular epidemiologic studies have made significant contributions to measles surveillance activities by helping to identify source and transmission pathways of the virus. This report describes the genetic characterization of wild-type measles viruses isolated in Turkey in 2000 and 2001. RESULTS Wild-type measles viruses were isolated from 24(More)
BACKGROUND Smoking is an important health threat in Turkey. This study aimed to determine the frequency of and main factors associated with smoking in persons of 15 years and over, and the frequency of passive smoking in homes in the South-east Anatolian Project (SEAP) Region in Turkey. METHODS A cross sectional design was employed. The sample was chosen(More)
In this study, the global extent of measles outbreaks were evaluated. We searched the reports of measles outbreaks that occurred between 1993 and 2002 in English published literature and data about measles morbidity and mortality rates of Turkey during 1970-2001. Thirty-five reports described outbreaks in a total of 19 middle or low income countries. In(More)
BACKGROUND Nearly 10% of the population of Turkey lives in the Southeast Anatolian Project (SEAP) region. The population growth rate and the rate of unintended pregnancies are high and family planning services are insufficient in this region. Lifetime induced abortion rate is also high in this region. Public health problems of the SEAP region were(More)
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