Ali Cenk Gedik

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In this paper, we suggest a novel group delay based method for the onset detection of pitched instruments. It is proposed to approach the problem of onset detection by examining three dimensions separately: phase (i.e., group delay), magnitude and pitch. The evaluation of the suggested onset detectors for phase, pitch and magnitude is performed using a new(More)
This study reviews the use of pitch histograms in music information retrieval studies for western and non-western music. The problems in applying the pitch-class histogrambased methods developed for western music to non-western music and specifically to Turkish music are discussed in detail. The main problems are the assumptions used to reduce the dimension(More)
This study presents an automatic transcription system for Turkish music for the first time in literature. We first discuss the characteristics of Turkish music that are taken into consideration in the design of the system. Then, the following signal processing components of the system are described briefly in relation to each other and explaining their(More)
This study discusses differences between Turkish music and Western music from an information retrieval perspective. It proposes use of frequency histograms for various music information retrieval applications: automatic tonic detection, makam classification, tuning analysis, theory-practice mismatch measurement. It announces a Matlab toolbox: Makam Toolbox(More)
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