Ali Caner Turkmen

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We know algorithms for predicting price movement direction and time are in practical use, despite being disputed at a theoretical level. In this study, we analyze the benefits of various machine learning algorithms to the price movement direction prediction problem, on selected stocks from the U.S. stock markets. To this end, we generate an array of(More)
Online social networks, and especially the popular microblogging service Twitter have taken to be the epicenter of massive social movements, where users often openly express political tendencies - a trend which has led to making the classification of political tendencies from social shares a research question of interest. In this research, we collect and(More)
We introduce a coupled matrix factorization and logistic regression model for simultaneous feature extraction and binary classification in high dimensional data sets. We write the model starting from probabilistic notation of nonnegative matrix factorization and logistic regression. We derive the gradient descent multiplicative update rules from the log(More)
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