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OBJECTIVE To evaluate a simple cardiovascular risk management package for assessing and managing cardiovascular risk using hypertension as an entry point in primary care facilities in low-resource settings. METHODS Two geographically distant regions in two countries (China and Nigeria) were selected and 10 pairs of primary care facilities in each region(More)
Data from 12 patients (in two control study groups) provide preliminary results of an ongoing double-blind comparison of clonazepam and imipramine in the treatment of panic disorder. In both treatment groups, the patients' global improvement was substantial over the first few weeks and persisted over the 6-month treatment period based on assessments by the(More)
One hundred sixty-six elderly depressed patients were recruited from six hospital centers and entered in a double-blind, randomized, parallel group comparative study of conventional and controlled-release formulations of trazodone. Patients received a single nighttime dose of 100 mg for 1 week, followed by 3 weeks of 200 mg or less, depending upon(More)
The return of sensation to skin grafts is often suboptimal. Although the reinnervation of skin grafts has been examined by a number of authors during the past century, studies in humans have left a number of unanswered issues, whereas animal studies have been largely confined to histological work and a few electrophysiological studies. Based on knowledge(More)
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