Ali Caglar Özen

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The respiratory system is a central part of voice production, but for phonation neither the underlying functional relations between diaphragm (DPH) and rib cage (RC), nor differences to normal breathing are yet understood. This study aims to compare respiratory dynamics in phonation and breathing via dynamic MRI of the lung. Images of the breathing(More)
PURPOSE To combine vocal tract measurements with dynamic MRI of the lungs to provide fundamental insights into the lung physiology during singing. METHODS To analyze vocal fold oscillatory patterns during dynamic lung MRI, an electroglottography (EGG) system was modified to allow for simultaneous EGG measurements during MR image acquisitions. A low-pass(More)
PURPOSE To compare the three different short-echo time (TE) pulse sequences ultrashort echo time (UTE), point-wise encoding time reduction with radial acquisition (PETRA), and single point imaging (SPI) for MRI of ancient remains. METHODS MRI of mummies is challenging due to the extremely low water content and the very short transverse relaxation times T2(More)
Pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN) syndrome is an autosomal-recessive neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive generalized dystonia. Currently, the disorder remains pharmacologically intractable. Herein we report the first case in which deep brain stimulation helped to relieve dystonic storm in a patient with PKAN syndrome who(More)
OBJECTIVE Implementation of a decoupling method for isolation of transmit and receive radio frequency (RF) coils for concurrent excitation and acquisition (CEA) MRI in samples with ultra-short T2*. MATERIALS AND METHODS The new phase and amplitude (PA) decoupling method is implemented in a clinical 3T-MRI system equipped with a parallel transmit array(More)