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Compressed Sensing (CS) and Sparse Representation (SR) influenced the ways of signals are processed half a decade. The elegant solution to sparse signal recovery problem has found ground in several research fields such as machine learning and pattern recognition. The use of sparse representation and the solution of equations using &#x2113;<sub>1</sub>(More)
The Sparse Representation based Classification (SRC) method has been utilized for various pattern recognition problems, especially for face recognition. Upon its success, the SRC method is extended by introducing Block Sparsity (BS) for the signal to be recovered and much better results are reported in the related literature. In this study, we test three(More)
Modeling and control of a hybrid electric vehicle is presented in this paper. A four wheel drive parallel hybrid electric vehicle is built by assembling an auxiliary electrical machine and battery group. Some preliminary instrumentation such as accelerator pedal, brake, clutch pedal position sensors and gear ratio estimation are realized to split torque(More)
In this study we describe the development of a six Degree of Freedom (6 DOF) pose estimation model of a tracked object and 3D user interface using stereo vision and Infra-Red (IR) cameras in the Matlab/Simulink and C# environments. The raw coordinate values of the IR light sources located on the tracked object are detected, digitized and Bluetooth broadcast(More)
In this paper, we propose a vision-based hand gesture recognition system for intelligent vehicles. Vision-based gesture recognition systems are employed in automotive user interfaces to increase the driver comfort without compromising their safety. In our algorithm, the long-term recurrent convolution network is used to classify the video sequences of hand(More)
The goal of this paper is to present the development of a tracking technology to interact with a virtual object. This paper presents the general procedures of building a simple, low cost tracking system by using Wiimote (a remote of Nintendo game console) and the Open source Computer Vision (OpenCV) software library as well as interfacing the tracking(More)
In this study we describe the development of a ride assistance application which can be implemented on the widespread smart phones and tablet. The ride assistance application has a signal processing and pattern classification module which yield almost 100% recognition accuracy for real-time signal pattern classification. We introduce a novel framework to(More)
In this study, we introduce a novel variant and application of the Collaborative Representation based Classification in spectral domain for recognition of the hand gestures using the raw surface Electromyography signals. The intuitive use of spectral features are explained via circulant matrices. The proposed Spectral Collaborative Representation based(More)