Ali Boudani

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— Recently several multicast mechanisms were proposed that scale better with the number of multicast groups than traditional multicast does. These proposals are known as small group multicast (SGM) or explicit multicast (Xcast). Explicit multicast protocols, such as the Xcast protocol, encode the list of group members in the Xcast header of every packet. If(More)
Multicast and MPLS are two complementary technologies.Merging these two technologies where multicast treesare constructed over MPLS networks will enhance performanceand present an efficient solution for multicast scalabilityand control overhead problems. In this paper1, wepresent a simulator for multicast routing over an MPLS networkwhere we choose PIM-SM(More)
In this paper, we propose a new approach, Simple Explicit Multicast (SEM), which uses an efficient method to construct multicast trees and to deliver multicast packets to all destinations. In order to construct a multicast tree, the source encodes the list of destination addresses in a branch message. This message discovers the tree branching routers and(More)
The match between a peer-to-peer overlay and the physical Internet infrastructure is a constant issue. Time-constrained peer-to-peer applications such as live streaming systems are even more challenging because participating peers have to discover their closest neighbors as quickly as possible. We propose in this paper an approach based on landmarks and a(More)
— In this paper, we study multicast tree construction in MPLS network. We discuss the difficulty in combining multi-cast and MPLS in a network. We describe some MPLS proposals for the multicast traffic and we justify the need for defining a new protocol. Thereafter we propose MMT, the MPLS Multicast Tree protocol, which uses MPLS LSP (Label switched Path)(More)
In this paper, we study a generalization of the Xcast protocol. After having introduced both Xcast and Xcast+ protocols, their advantages and drawbacks, we present our protocol Gxcast: the GXcast packet format and the forwarding algorithm. The scalability of the GXcast protocol is compared to the scalability of other multicast protocols. We propose a(More)