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Traditional drugs have become a subject of world importance, with both medicinal and economical implications. A regular and widespread use of herbs throughout the world has increased serious concerns over their quality, safety and efficacy. Thus, a proper scientific evidence or assessment has become the criteria for acceptance of traditional health claims.(More)
The intergenic region (IGR) of the medium (M) RNA of tomato spotted wilt Tospovirus (TSWV) isolates naturally infecting peanut (groundnut), pepper, potato, stokesia, tobacco and watermelon in Georgia (GA) and a peanut isolate from Florida (FL) was cloned and sequenced. The IGR sequences were compared with one another and with respective M RNA IGRs of TSWV(More)
Plant viruses are one of the major yield reducing factors for agricultural and horticultural crops. In India, most destructive diseases are caused by gemini-, poty-, and tospoviruses. Virus resistant transgenic plants (VRTPs), developed by the transfer of transgenes from virus, plant or other origins, have been found resistant to a wide range of viruses.(More)
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