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The use of suxamethonium in children is associated with undesirable side effects. The synergistic effect of a rocuronium-mivacurium combination can be considered as an acceptable alternative to suxamethonium in clinical practice. The calculated ED50 of the rocuronium-mivacurium mixture was only 62% of the predicted value assuming a purely additive(More)
In this paper, we have developed an approach to specify when updating materialized webviews. A webview is a web page that is automatically constructed from a structured database. We have introduced a new update policy called " early on-demand " update which is based on the user preferences. Then we have combines this policy with the on-demand one to update(More)
In this paper, we propose an approach, which is based on web usage mining techniques, to recommend webviews to be materialized. The webview materialization is a term used to represent the transformation of dynamic web data into equivalent static web data. That is the creation of a static instance of a dynamic web page, at a certain point in time. In this(More)
A data warehouse stores a large volume of data extracted from multiple sources. A set of materialized views is defined over the base tables in order to optimize OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) query response time. The selection of materialized views may be static or dynamic. The dynamic selection is continually controlled by a system that calibrates(More)
The Data-Intensive Web Sites provide access to a large number of Web pages whose content is dynamically extracted from structured databases. They may be used for shopping or paying in e-commerce, for reading news in a newspaper site or to consult digital library. In this context, users often need rich content and fresh data. Several techniques have been(More)
An otherwise healthy 55-year-old female, nonsmoker, was seen in pulmonary consultation for progressively worsening shortness of breath. She had undergone a complete hysterectomy 7 years prior for bleeding leiomyomas. On presentation, her initial chest X-ray showed a large right-sided pleural effusion with multiple pulmonary nodules. Two thoracenteses failed(More)
In this paper we propose an approach, which is based on Markov Chain, to cluster and recommend candidate views for the selection algorithm of materialized views. Our idea is to intervene at regular period of time in order to filter the candidate views which will be used by an algorithm for the selection of materialized views in real-time data warehouse. The(More)
  • Ali Ben Ammar
  • 2016
Today, graph databases (GDB) represent a requirement for many applications that manage graph-like data, such as social networks. They are able to manage highly interconnected data such as analyzing whole-graph and answering user queries, which are more interested in the relationships between data rather than on the nodes of the graph. Partitioning data over(More)