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INTRODUCTION Vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP) has recently been broadly studied in vestibular disorders. As it is evoked by loud sound stimulation, even mild conductive hearing loss may affect VEMP results. Bone-conducted (BC) stimulus is an alternative stimulation for evoking this response. This study aims to assess the characteristics of(More)
The risk of venous thromboembolic events (VTE) in cancer patients is higher than in the general population. Treatment may also increase this risk in these patients. Based on the appropriate criteria (of which the most important are the current ministerial guidelines) thrombosis prophylaxis should be started (given that there is no contraindication) on these(More)
Fabrication of surface acoustic wave sensors (SAW) based on aluminum nitride (AlN) thin film are reported with improved performance using titanium nitride (TiN) nucleation buffer layer as plate electrode on (100) oriented Silicon (Si) substrate. AlN and TiN thin films are deposited at low temperature by magnetron sputtering and characterized by X-ray(More)
Lymphadenomegaly is a common sign of benign and malignant disorders. In our practice, only every fifth patient is found to have primary or secondary nodal malignancy. Benign disorders, including banal infections and other non-neoplastic conditions, however, cause most of the cases. Among these, there are some rare entities, resulting in persistent(More)
Glioblastoma is a brain tumor with poor prognosis in the therapy of which operation, postoperative temozolomide sensitized radiochemotherapy followed by temozolomide monotherapy offer the best chances. Administration of temozolomide is also recommended in relapse if the patient is naïve to this treatment. In recurrent or progressive glioblastoma following(More)
Béla Pikó1, Ali Bassam1, Enikő Török2, Henriette Ócsai3 and Farkas Sükösd4 1Kálmán Pándy Hospital of the Local Government of Békés County, County, Center of Oncology, Gyula, 2Kálmán Pándy Hospital of the Local Government of Békés County, County Department of Radiology, Gyula, 3Kálmán Pándy Hospital of the Local Government of Békés County, Dermato-Oncology(More)
Recognition of the commonly encountered colorectal cancer (CRC) generally begins and takes place because of and based on symptoms and signs, due to the unsettled screening of this type of cancer. Sometimes, because of advanced stage cancer urgent surgical intervention could become necessary and, if this is the case, there is no time and possibility for(More)
Even today, nausea and vomiting are two of the most distressing adverse effects associated with tumor therapy. The authors give an overview of the mechanism and the trigger factors (emetogenic potential of the chemotherapies, the patient risk factors, and the used antiemetic drugs) of nausea and vomiting. A short summary will describe the antiemetic drugs(More)
In this study, we present a theoretical and experimental investigations of the zero order quasi-symmetric (S0) Lamb waves mode propagating in AlN/TiN and AlN/TiN/NCD composite membranes. Theoretical analysis of S0 mode characteristics shows that The AlN/TiN membrane enables to achieve smooth dispersion curves, high velocity up to 10000m/s and(More)
Paravasation of cytostatic drugs during peripheral intravenous administration is a well known complication. In the United States of America it occurs in seven percent of cases with different severity and consequences. Although methods to completely avoid this complication are still unavailable, we are able to decrease the risks by identifying the patient-(More)