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Modern Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) provide sufficiently flexible programming models that understanding their performance can provide insight in designing tomorrow's manycore processors, whether those are GPUs or otherwise. The combination of multiple, multithreaded, SIMD cores makes studying these GPUs useful in understanding tradeoffs among memory,(More)
As the number of cores and threads in many core compute accelerators such as Graphics Processing Units (GPU) increases, so does the importance of on-chip interconnection network design. This paper explores throughput-effective network-on-chips (NoC) for future many core accelerators that employ bulk-synchronous parallel (BSP) programming models such as CUDA(More)
Modern DRAM systems rely on memory controllers that employ out-of-order scheduling to maximize row access locality and bank-level parallelism, which in turn maximizes DRAM bandwidth. This is especially important in graphics processing unit (GPU) architectures, where the large quantity of parallelism places a heavy demand on the memory system. The logic(More)
There has been little work investigating the overall performance impact of on-chip communication in manycore compute accelerators. In this paper we evaluate performance of a GPU-like compute accelerator running CUDA workloads and consisting of compute nodes, interconnection network and the graphics DRAM memory system using detailed cycle-level simulation.(More)
In this paper, we present an experimental evaluation of transient effects on an embedded system which uses SRAM-based FPGAs. A total of 7500 transient faults were injected into the target FPGA using power supply disturbances (PSD) and a simple 8-bit microprocessor was implemented on the FPGA as the testbench. The results show that nearly 64 percent of(More)
As semiconductor scaling continues, more transistors can be put onto the same chip despite growing challenges in clock frequency scaling. Stream processor architectures can make effective use of these additional resources for appropriate applications. However, it is important that programmer effort be amortized across future generations of stream processor(More)
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