Ali Azizi

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BACKGROUND Chemical-genetic profiling of inhibitory compounds can lead to identification of their modes of action. These profiles can help elucidate the complex interactions between small bioactive compounds and the cell machinery, and explain putative gene function(s). RESULTS Colony size reduction was used to investigate the chemical-genetic profile of(More)
  • J Amini, M R Saradjian, J A R Blais, C Lucas, A Azizi
  • 2002
In recent years, many approaches have been exploited for automatic road extraction. Most of these approaches are based on edge detection algorithms. In this paper, a new object-based approach for automatic extraction of main roads in large scale imagemaps is proposed. The gray-scale imagemap is converted to a simplified imagemap using Gray scale(More)
The immune system in the gastrointestinal tract plays a crucial role in the control of infection, as it constitutes the first line of defense against mucosal pathogens. The attractive features of oral immunization have led to the exploration of a variety of oral delivery systems. However, none of these oral delivery systems have been applied to existing(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Perfusion MR imaging, performed as dynamic-susceptibility contrast-enhanced MR imaging, is sensitive to hemodynamic risks for patients with cerebrovascular disease. We sought to define a quantitative parameter for perfusion MR imaging, which shows brain areas at hemodynamic risk and enables direct comparison of different perfusion MR(More)
  • S Movaghati, F Samadzadegan, A Azizi
  • 2008
For remote sensing image analysis, it is necessary to use spatial information surrounding pixels, in addition to spectral information of them. Several works have been done in this field. On the other hand, autonomous agents, a newly explored area of research in image processing, can operate directly in the two-dimensional lattice of a digital image and(More)
  • M Saadat-Seresht, F Samdzadegan, A Azizi, M Hahn, V Commission, Wg
  • 2004
For measuring complex industrial objects using vision metrology systems, automatic optimum network design is a real challenge. In the absence of given or simulated 3D CAD models of the objects and the workspace, the complexity of objects introduces several uncertainty factors into the camera placement decision making process. These uncertainty factors(More)
BACKGROUND One of the major obstacles in the design of an effective vaccine against HIV-1 is the hypervariability of the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein. Most HIV-1 vaccine candidates have utilized envelope glycoprotein from a single virus isolate, but to date, none of them elicited broadly reactive humoral immunity. Herein, we hypothesised that a cocktail of(More)
Several studies have shown that cell-mediated immune responses play a crucial role in controlling viral replication. As such, a candidate SARS vaccine should elicit broad CD8+ T-cell immune responses. Several groups of mice were immunized alone or in combination with SARS-nucleocapsid immunogen. A high level of specific SARS-CD8+ T-cell response was(More)
Automatic building extraction from large-scale aerial images is at beginning of the way, but after recent developments in related techniques, it can be automated partly and hence can be economized time and cost. From 1988, various groups in whole world have been studied on recognition and reconstruction of buildings from aerial images. From working on(More)
This research work is concerned with the implementation of a shape from shading (SFS) technique for automatically generating a digital terrain model (DTM) using a single digitized aerial photograph of a terrain area with low signal (information) content. The mathematical model for the SFS is established based on the fact that the pixel's gray level(More)