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Between January 2004 and June 2007 we conducted a retrospective analysis to assess post-operative complications related to endoscopic pituitary surgery in a series of 150 patients. Patients were treated with an endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal approach to the sellar region for removal of pathological sellar and suprasellar lesions. We analysed the(More)
Early detection and evaluation of brain tumors during surgery is crucial for accurate resection. Currently cryosections during surgery are regularly performed. Confocal laser endomicroscopy (CLE) is a novel technique permitting in vivo histologic imaging with miniaturized endoscopic probes at excellent resolution. Aim of the current study was to evaluate(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional open surgery of large meningiomas has proven to be challenging even in experienced hands. Intense retraction and dissection around neurovascular structures increase morbidity and mortality. In the present study, we retrospectively analyzed the surgical technique, and outcome in 40 patients with large anterior cranial fossa(More)
OBJECTIVE Over the past 2 decades, endoscopy has become an integral part of the surgical repertoire for skull base procedures. The present clinical evaluation and cadaver study compare binostril and mononostril endoscopic transnasal approaches and the surgical techniques involved. METHODS Forty patients with pituitary adenomas were treated with either(More)
Dural repair products are evolving from animal tissue-derived materials to synthetic materials as well as from inert to absorbable features; most of them lack functional and structural characteristics compared with the natural dura mater. In the present study, we evaluated the properties and tissue repair performance of a new dural repair product with(More)
BACKGROUND the aim of this study was to determine the relation between serum and filter paper thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels in neonates with congenital hypothyroidism (CH). We also tried to determine an appropriate cutoff point of filter TSH for recalling screened neonates. MATERIALS AND METHODS in this descriptive-analytic study, records of(More)
Seit 2004 wird zur dreidimensionalen OP-Planung in der Mainzer Neurochirurgie das Dextroscope-System genutzt, um neurochirurgische Eingriffe durch Optimierung der Zugangswege und Vorgehensweisen sicherer und schonender durchführen zu können. Hierzu werden zweidimensionale Schichtbildaufnahmen fusioniert. Weltweit werden mittlerweile in den Operationssälen(More)
OBJECTIVE Aneurysm surgery demands precise spatial understanding of the vascular anatomy and its surroundings. We report on a decade of experience planning clipping procedures preoperatively in a virtual reality (VR) workstation and present outcomes with respect to mortality, morbidity, and aneurysm occlusion rate. METHODS Between 2006 and 2015, the(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous dura substitutes are commercially available, but no absorbable synthetic dura repair product has been used for both onlay and suture applications. OBJECTIVE The safety and effectiveness of a new absorbable synthetic substitute composed of Poly-L-lactide microfibers as onlay dural graft were evaluated. METHODS Physical properties and(More)
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