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The usage and adoption of General Purpose GPUs (GPGPU) in HPC systems is increasing due to the unparalleled performance advantage of the GPUs and the ability to fulfill the ever-increasing demands for floating points operations. While the GPU can offload many of the application parallel computations, the system architecture of a GPU-CPU-InfiniBand server(More)
The kraft process is applied to wood chips for separation of lignin from the polysaccharides within lignocellulose for pulp that will produce a high quality paper. Black liquor is a pulping waste generated by the kraft process that has potential for downstream bioconversion. However, the recalcitrant nature of the lignocellulose resources, its chemical(More)
Hemicelluloses, due to their hydrophilic nature, may tend to be overlooked as a component in water-resistant product applications. However, their domains of use can be greatly expanded by chemical derivatization. Research in which hydrophobic derivatives of hemicelluloses or combinations of hemicelluloses with hydrophobic materials are used with to prepare(More)
Currently, there is very strong interest to replace synthetic polymers with biological macromolecules of natural source for applications that interact with humans or the environment. This research describes the development of drug delivery hydrogels from natural polymers, starch, lignin and hemicelluloses by means of reactive extrusion. The hydrogels show a(More)
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