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Green manuring was simulated in the laboratory by adding six-week-oldVica faba residues (C/P ratios between 123 and 506) to a calcareous soil (Kingston series) at a rate equivalent to 8 t C ha−1 15 cm. The mixtures were incubated at 25°C for 42 days. Only residues with the lowest C/P ratio increased NaHCO3-extractable inorganic P (Pi) above the control (5.8(More)
The usage and adoption of General Purpose GPUs (GPGPU) in HPC systems is increasing due to the unparalleled performance advantage of the GPUs and the ability to fulfill the ever-increasing demands for floating points operations. While the GPU can offload many of the application parallel computations, the system architecture of a GPU-CPU-InfiniBand server(More)
Soil fertility decline is occurring over large parts of the world, particularly the developing world. It occurs mainly through intensive cultivation and the inadequate application of replacement nutrients, and through deforestation and clearance of vegetation on sandy soils. Large amounts of soil nutrients are also lost to the terrestrial ecosystems through(More)
Two anthelmintic field trials were carried out with rafoxanide, oxyclozanide and hexachlorophene againstFasciola gigantica in naturally infected sheep. Judged by faecal egg counts two or three weeks after treatment the best results (98.8–99.9 per cent efficacy) were obtained with rafoxanide, and good results were obtained with oxyclozanide and a high dose(More)
The enzymatic degradation of hydroxypropyltrimethylammonium modified starches synthesised by dry process was compared with that of hydroxypropyltrimethylammonium modified starches synthesised in glycerol-water plasticised molten medium. The enzymatic degradation rate of products from both origins decreased as the degree of substitution increased. However,(More)
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