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PURPOSE The current study reports on long-term quality of life (QoL) status after conventional radiotherapy in 187 nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients from 14 centers in Turkey. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with the diagnosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, who were treated in 14 centers in Turkey with minimum 6 months of follow-up and were in complete(More)
Primary spinal primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) is a rare condition, 18 cases of which have been reported in the literature. In general, this tumor is treated with surgery followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but prognosis is still poor. An 18-year-old female patient with an intradural, extramedullary mass at L3-L5 levels is presented in this(More)
PURPOSE Although the somatostatin analog octreotide is currently used in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced diarrhea and secretory diarrhea associated with various disorders, its role in the management of radiation enteritis is not well defined. We performed a randomized study that compared octreotide acetate with diphenoxylate hydrochloride plus(More)
PURPOSE To determine the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) and dose-limiting toxicity (DLT) of twice-weekly gemcitabine (TW-G) when administered in conjunction with fixed dose amifostine (A) during external radiotherapy (RT) in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS Ten patients with previously untreated, locally advanced, or(More)
Noncompliance with regard to diet, medications and routine physician visits is frequently observed among some patient groups. This results in late graft dysfunction and behavior loss. In the present study, we defined compliance as attendance at 80% or more outpatient visits. The study included 63 cadaveric and 158 living-related renal transplant recipients(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate serum levels of IL-2, IL-6 and IL-10 in the pretreatment period and to determine if high IL-2, IL-6, IL-10 levels correlate with the outcome in patients with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) in the post treatment period. Forty-three patients with the diagnosis of aggressive NHL were included in our study. In all cases(More)
Male breast cancer, consisting only 1% of all breast cancers, is occasionally associated with other primary malignancies, especially in patients with familial breast cancer history. Sporadic male breast cancers with another primary tumor are extremely rare. We report a 67-year-old male with asynchronous bilateral breast cancer and prostate cancer without(More)
BACKGROUND Leptin is a peptide hormone that has a role in the regulation of body weight and has effects on metabolic, neuroendocrine, reproductive and hematopoietic systems. Breast cancer has also been associated with obesity and reproductive hormones, especially estradiol. Only a few studies have investigated the relation between plasma leptin and risk of(More)
Transplant patient plasma produces an increased rate of mononuclear cell apoptosis despite a normal serum creatinine value. Immunosuppressive medications may be one factor that causes an altered apoptotic pattern. We evaluated the in vitro effects of various doses of cyclosporine, mycophenolate mofetil, and steroids on apoptosis of a cultured human(More)
PURPOSE We compared the effects of amifostine and melatonin in preventing radiation-induced epiphyseal growth plate injury in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Four-week-old (65-85 g), growing male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly assigned to receive radiation alone, at 25 Gy in three fractions (group R), or this dose of fractionated radiation proceeded by(More)