Ali Arjomand

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BACKGROUND A quantitative understanding of human folate metabolism is needed. OBJECTIVE The objective was to quantify and interpret human folate metabolism as it might occur in vivo. DESIGN Adults (n = 13) received 0.5 nmol [(14)C]pteroylmonoglutamate (100 nCi radioactivity) plus 79.5 nmol pteroylmonoglutamate in water orally. (14)C was measured in(More)
The technique of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) is applicable to the analysis of a wide range of trace elemental isotopes. However, in the context of the pharmaceutical industry, it is invariably used to measure radiocarbon (14C). There are two broad modes of application: analysis of total 14C sometimes termed “direct AMS” and analysis of specific(More)
This paper proposes a new scheme for robust sensorless vector control of six phase induction motor. The method is based on the model current estimation, in which the controlled stator voltage is applied to the six phase induction motor so that the difference between stator currents of the mathematical model and the motor can be forced to decay to zero. To(More)
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