Ali Arhami Doolat Abadi

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BACKGROUND Clinical reasoning plays a major role in the ability of doctors to make a diagnosis and reach treatment decisions. This paper describes the use of four clinical reasoning tests in the second National Medical Science Olympiad in Iran: key features (KF), script concordance (SCT), clinical reasoning problems (CRP) and comprehensive integrative(More)
INTRODUCTION Second National Medical Sciences Olympiad was done in Shiraz in August 2010 with aim of indentifying scientifically talented individuals, motivating students and orienting extracurricular activities. This Olympiad was done in 3 areas, basic sciences, clinical sciences and management. In clinical sciences, we used TOSCE (Team Objective(More)
Employee empowerment is one of the most effective techniques to increase employee productivity and optimal use of capacities and capabilities of individual and group in line with organizational objectives. Empowerment is a process that helps to improve continuous performance of people and teams by development and expand their authority and ability. In other(More)
The tau method for the solution of the partial differential problem Dy(x) = f (x), x ∈ Ω ⊂ IR n D j y(x) = σ j (x), j = 1,. .. , J (1) in a rectangular domain Ω, where D is a linear partial differential operator, consists of the construction of a polynomial approximationˆy to y such thatˆy satisfies the supplementary (boundary, initial or mixed) conditions(More)
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