Ali Amin Saeed

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The monthly variation of Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) in Riyadh city in the period 1989-1993 has been studied with reference to time of day, lighting conditions and prevalent weather conditions. Total RTA accidents were significantly more common, being directly correlated, with increased dry and wet bulb temperatures and significantly less common, being(More)
The study analysed 13,390 police records of road traffic accidents (RTAs) covering a three and a half year period according to different suspected aetiological factors. The majority of the accidents were recorded for vehicles in good condition on well-paved straight roads with well-operating traffic light systems. Adverse weather conditions such as(More)
An experiment was conducted with 24 Arabi lambs to investigate the possibility to increase the utilization of wheat straw by ensiling with urea at rate of 1.5 % as a nitrogen source and to get the advantage of the additional digestion caused by the released ammonia, and molasses at rate of 10 % to encourage the fermentation responsible for silage making.(More)
This article presents a design of a printed antenna with simply shaped radiator element for multi-operating bands of the wireless communication systems. With a simple design configuration including different U shapes on a printed FR4 substrate, the proposed antennas covering the GPS (1575 MHz), Mobile-WiMAX (3400–3600 MHz) and 5 GHz WLAN(More)
An experiment was conducted with 20 Arabi lambs to study the effect of ensiling time on the nutritive value of wheat straw. Two silages containing 3% urea and 10% molasses, made at early and late summer, were compared in this experiment. Both silages were fed to lambs supplemented with two levels of concentrates. Results showed that ensiling straw at late(More)
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