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The first comprehensive survey paper on scheduling problems with separate setup times or costs was conducted by Allahverdi et al. (1999), who reviewed the literature since the mid-1960s. Since the appearance of that survey paper, there has been an increasing interest in scheduling problems with setup times (costs) with an average of more than 40 papers per(More)
This paper addresses the two-machine flowshop scheduling problem with separate setup times to minimize makespan or total completion time (TCT). Setup times are relaxed to be random variables rather than deterministic as commonly used in the OR literature. Moreover, distribution-free setup times are used where only the lower and upper bounds are given.(More)
This paper studies the flowshop scheduling problem with a complex bicriteria objective function. A weighted sum of makespan and maximum tardiness subject to a maximum tardiness threshold value is to be optimized. This problem, with interesting potential applications in practice, has been sparsely studied in the literature. We propose global and local(More)
The assembly flowshop scheduling problem has been addressed recently in the literature. There are many problems that can be modeled as assembly flowshop scheduling problems including queries scheduling on distributed database systems and computer manufacturing. The problem has been addressed with respect to either makespan or total completion time criterion(More)