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In a double-blind trial the effects of aminophylline suppositories and slow-release aminophylline tablets were compared with similar placebo preparations in nine patients whose complaint was asthma which woke them from sleep at night. Forced expired volume in one second (FEV1) was measured in each patient at three-hourly intervals from 1900 hours to 0700(More)
The effect of an oral slow-release aminophylline preparation (Phyllocontin Continus tablets) in preventing early morning reduction in airway calibre was measured in two groups of asthmatic patients; Group I consisted of eight stable asthmatics whose main complaint was nocturnal wheeziness, and Group II comprised four severe asthmatics studied during the(More)
Essential thrombocythemia (ET) is a myeloproliferative neoplasm that occurs mostly in patients above the age of 50 years. Its incidence in children is very rare, with around 100 cases reported in the literature. High-risk patients are defined by previous life threatening major thrombotic or severe hemorrhagic complication or age > 60. Those patients(More)
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