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This paper discusses the influence of three different content levels of fine strands in the core layers on the physical and mechanical properties of European beech and poplar oriented strand boards (OSB). The results show that increasing the fines content in the core layer from 10 to 50 %, based on total board weight has no significant effect on bending(More)
Fuel cell systems are a type of DG systems and can offer the prospect of supplying the world with safe, clean, efficient, sustainable electrical energy. In order to control of fuel cell systems, in this paper proposed QZSI and maximum constant boost control. The quasi-Z-source inverter (QZSI) is similar to the ZSI. The QZSI has been developed which feature(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the possibility of using European beech and poplar species to manufacture oriented strand boards (OSB). Beech and poplar strands with three different combinations of face/core ratios at densities of 650 and 720 kg/m3 were examined. Poly methylene diphenyl diisocyanate glue at 5 % was used with press conditions of 180 °C(More)
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