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As circumstances of operating and maintenance activities for landfilling and composting in Tehran metropolis differ from those of cities in developed countries, it was concluded to have an environmental impact comparison between the current solid waste management (MSW) strategies: (1) landfill, and (2) composting plus landfill. Life cycle assessment (LCA)(More)
Understanding the mechanisms of drug resistance in Plasmodium vivax, the parasite that causes the most widespread form of human malaria, is complicated by the lack of a suitable long-term cell culture system for this parasite. In contrast to P. falciparum, which can be more readily manipulated in the laboratory, insights about parasite biology need to be(More)
Methods for detecting the genomic signatures of natural selection have been heavily studied, and they have been successful in identifying many selective sweeps. For most of these sweeps, the favored allele remains unknown, making it difficult to distinguish carriers of the sweep from non-carriers. In an ongoing selective sweep, carriers of the favored(More)
The focus of this paper is the information technology higher education pipeline, and why so few male and female African American and Latino/a students are studying computer science at the college level. We specifically have researched the experiences, opportunities, attitudes and aspirations with respect to mathematics, science, computer science and(More)
This paper presents a task priority scaling algorithm for dynamic thermal management of multi-core processors. The unique features of this algorithm include: 1) enabling task-level Dynamic Frequency Scaling (DFS) capability through software, 2) reducing task migration and provide load balancing using dynamic task priority scaling, 3) targeting DTM for(More)
The advent of next generation sequencing technologies has made whole-genome and whole-population sampling possible, even for eukaryotes with large genomes. With this development, experimental evolution studies can be designed to observe molecular evolution "in action" via evolve-and-resequence (E&R) experiments. Among other applications, E&R studies can be(More)
This paper proposes an adaptive compressive sensing reconstruction method which provides a higher recovered image quality. Based on an initial compressive sampling reconstruction at a given sampling rate, the visually salient regions of the image that are more conspicuous to the human visual system are extracted using a classical graph-based method. The(More)