Ali Akbar Pammu

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We propose a Multiplexer Look-Up-Table (MLUT) based Substitution-Box (S-Box) implementation for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. There are two key features in the proposed MLUT based S-Box. First, it is implemented based on 256-byte to 1-byte multiplexer with a 256-byte memory instead of the conventional implementation of employing(More)
We propose an arithmetic hiding technique on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm implementation to highly secure the algorithm against Side-Channel Attack (SCA). The arithmetic operations run parallel with Substitution-Box (S-Box) operation of the AES to hide the correlated leakage power dissipation with processed data. There are two key features(More)
We report a security analysis of the asynchronous-logic (async) quasi-delay-insensitive (QDI) Weak-Conditioned Half-Buffer (WCHB) cell approach against the side-channel differential power analysis (DPA) attack. When compared to the synchronous-logic (sync) standard cell approach, the WCHB cell approach is more power-balanced during the logic switching due(More)
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