Ali Akbar Jafarpour

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This study examined the effect of adding common carp sarcoplasmic proteins (Sp- P) on the gel characteristics of threadfin bream surimi and kamaboko while maintaining constant moisture and myofibrillar levels. Based on the temperature sweep test, which is involved in heating of surimi gel from 10 to 80 degrees C to monitor the viscoelastic properties, at(More)
As central nervous system (CNS) tumors account for second most common childhood malignancies and the first cause of mortality in children with cancer, improving treatment modalities can lead to increase the health care of patients. In this study, we examined the prevalence of childhood brain tumors in patients who referred to MAHAK’s Pediatric Cancer(More)
The demand for surimi and kamaboko is increasing in the world at the same time as the supply of the fish traditionally used has declined. In an effort to increase the range and hence supply of fish used, factors increasing the quality of surimi and kamaboko from common carp were investigated. The best surimi and kamaboko characteristics were produced by a(More)
the aim of the study is to provide insights into the use of the corpus-based approach in L2 classes. The study aimed at comparing the effects of the corpus-based approach with the effects of the traditional approach on learning collocations of near-synonymous pairs. The study was run on 2 groups of L2 learners. One group named experimental group studied(More)
The effects of two diets, live prey (Artemia nauplii) and artificial diet, were evaluated on growth performance and digestive enzymes activities of kutum (Rutilus kutum) larvae during a period of 30 days post hatching (dph). Larvae were stocked in 115-L aquariums at a density of 60 individual L−1 and fed ad libitum four times a day. According to the(More)
Surimi, a refined protein extract, is produced by solubilizing myofibrillar proteins during the comminuting and salting stages of manufacturing. The resulting paste gels on heating to produce kamaboko or a range of analog shellfish such as crab claw, filament sticks, fish mushroom, and so on. The myosin molecule is the major myofibrillar protein in(More)
The concept of equivalence can be said to hold a central position in translation studies. Nevertheless, it has been a rather controversial one, causing many heated debates among translators as to its nature, definition and applicability. The aim of the present paper is to provide a critical evaluation of the most influential equivalence theories that have(More)
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