Ali Akbar Hajialiakbari Bidgoli

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A novel and efficient surfactant-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction combined with high-performance liquid chromatography-photodiode array detection was developed for the determination of phenylurea herbicides in water samples. Based on this procedure, which is a dispersive-solvent-free technique, the extractant is dispersed in the aqueous(More)
A new approach using single-drop microextraction (SDME) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the determination of six haloacetic acids (HAAs) in water samples was presented. n-Octanol was used as extractant and derivatization reagent. HAAs were derivatized both simultaneously during the extraction in the solvent microdrop, and after extraction,(More)
Hollow fiber-based liquid-liquid-liquid microextraction (HF-LLLME) followed by flow injection analysis and diode array detection (FIA-DAD) was applied as a simple and sensitive quantitative method for the determination of phenazopyridine in urine and plasma samples. Flow injection system included a conventional HPLC system (without a chromatographic column)(More)
A novel solid-phase microextraction (SPME) fiber coated with polypyrrole/sol-gel composite was prepared through electrochemical deposition. The composite polymer coating was prepared using a three-electrode electrochemical system and directly deposited on a stainless steel wire by applying a constant potential (1.2V for 1000 s). The coating has porous(More)
A method was established for the determination of desipramine in biological samples using liquid-liquid-liquid microextraction followed by in-syringe derivatization and gas chromatography-nitrogen phosphorus detection. The extraction method was based on the use of two immiscible organic solvents. n-Dodecane was impregnated in the pores of the hollow fiber(More)
A novel and sensitive method based on combination of two immiscible organic solvents hollow fiber-based liquid-liquid-liquid microextraction and corona discharge ion mobility spectrometry (HF-LLLME-CD-IMS) was employed for the analysis of clomipramine in human urine and plasma. The effect of formic, acetic and propionic acid as the reagent gas (dopant) on(More)
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