Ali Akbar Ahmadi

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OBJECTIVES Robust scientific evidence exists about the role of non-conventional risk factors in type 2 diabetes worldwide. The current epidemiological pattern of the disease in Iran suggests a precipitating role for these non-conventional risk factors. This review was performed to examine the research evidence suggesting a higher prevalence of(More)
Detection, isolation, and reconstruction of multiple system, actuator, and sensor faults in time-delayed linear systems are considered in this note. Based on an appropriate change of system coordinates; all system, actuator, and sensor faults are assigned to different subsystems of a time-delayed linear system. Then, using sliding mode observers and(More)
Background. Accurate care of patients with type 2 diabetes may reduce risk of complications. This study was conducted to envisage current status of cares that are provided for a sample of Iranian patients with type 2 diabetes and highlight the domains that need to be focused on in the country's national type 2 diabetes care program. Methods. Behavioral risk(More)
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