Ali Ahmed Ibrahim

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The tremendous increase in the complexity (memory and computations) of graphics models have been supported by a similar increase in the computational resources available in graphics processing units (GPUs). The inherently high parallelism of such systems has led to a significant increase in power dissipation, thereby necessitating expensive cooling(More)
— Architectures for wireless systems have traditionally been designed to meet real-time requirements, fit on a limited die area, and operate within a low power budget. These conditions are usually met by implementing compute-intensive operations in an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC). ASIC design is both expensive and time consuming. ASICs(More)
Future of wireless communication system designed to merge a variety of services such as voice, data, image and video. These services have various demands on the bandwidth and data rate. So studies has been done to access these requirements, Software Define Radio (SDR) is being presented as technique offers the possible revolutions the way radios are(More)
Alta Vista, a winery in Mendoza, Argentina, that produces roughly two million bottles of wine annually, completed construction of a secondary production and storage facility in the spring of 2008. One purpose of this facility is to store bottles of wine prior to labeling and shipping. Since the construction of the new building, Alta Vista has not(More)
The present study aims at making comparison between two analyzing methods , multidimensional scaling and hierarchical clustering methods ,on the other hand, to imply data mining by using of these two analyzing methods to classify and discriminate twenty five samples of technician pieces (Prehistoric goblets) through the study of Engineering shapes and(More)
Thirteen indigenous and exotic Acacia species grown in Saudi Arabia were evaluated for their host status for Meloidogyne javanica in pot tests both in the growth chamber and under outdoor conditions. In both experiments, 21-day-old seedlings were transplanted individually into 15-cm-diam. plastic pots containing a steam-sterilized mixture of equal parts(More)
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