Ali Ahmed Adam

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In this paper a fuzzy logic controller to minimize the torque ripples associated wit DTC (FL_DTC) of PMSM is presented. In this system, in order to attain the merits of fast torque response, the torque error, the flux error and stator flux position sector are used to select one active vector while the active switching time of this vector is selected as a(More)
This paper presents an innovative control scheme for the multilevel inverter that is connected to the power grid as a Distributed Generation unit, DG. The paper demonstrates novel application for the voltage orientation control, also called voltage vector control, so as to precisely control active and reactive power injected by the distributed generation(More)
This paper deals with controlling DC motor speed and/or torque through the multilevel Chopper circuit. The proposed switching circuit consists of four cascaded switching elements with three clamping diodes and four equal or different voltage sources connected in series. The configuration provides a constant five levels of voltage and has the ability to(More)
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