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Developmental changes in the starch and sucrose content of grains andthe activities of enzymes of starch synthesis in wheat were studied under waterstress conditions. Water stress caused a marked reduction in the sucrose andstarch content of the grains. Sucrose synthase (SS) and UDP-glucosepyrophosphorylase (UDP-Gppase), showed higher catalytic activity and(More)
Remobilization of stored carbohydrates in the stem of wheat plants is an important contributor to grain filling under drought stress (DS) conditions. A massive screening on Iranian wheat cultivars was performed based on stem dry weight changes under well-watered and DS conditions. Two cultivars, Shole and Crossed Falat Hamun (CFH), with different fructan(More)
The effect of in situ water stress on the endogenous abscisic acid (ABA) content of the endosperm and the in vitro application of ABA on some important yield regulating processes in wheat have been studied. Water stress resulted in a marked increase in the ABA content of the endosperm at the time close to cessation of growth. Application of ABA to the(More)
BACKGROUND IgA nephropathy (IgAN) is the most prevalent primary chronic glomerulopathy worldwide. Thus, it is of vital importance to search for factors aggravating the disease progress, monitor disease activity and predict disease-specific therapy. C4d is a well-known biomarker of the complement cascade with a potential to meet the above needs. OBJECTIVES(More)
INTRODUCTION Studies have revealed the association between vitamin D deficiency and changes in blood glucose and insulin levels as well as sensitivity of the target tissues to insulin. OBJECTIVE In this study, we examined the effect of adding vitamin D (cholecalciferol ; 50,000 units) to therapeutic regimen of T2DM patients compared to placebo on(More)
The current double JPEG compression detection techniques identify whether or not an JPEG image file has undergone the compression twice, by knowing its embedded quantization table. This paper addresses another forensic scenario in which the quantization table of a JPEG file is not explicitly or reliably known, which may compel the forensic analyst to(More)
BACKGROUND The present study compared the differences between survivals of patients with colorectal cancer according to their ethnicity adjusted for other predictors of survival. METHODS In this prospective cohort study patients were followed up from definite diagnosis of colorectal cancer to death. Totally, 2431 person-year follow-ups were undertaken for(More)
Currency has great importance in day to day life and may be because the currency recognition is a great area of interest for researchers. Different methods have been proposed by researchers for both coin and paper currency recognition. On the basic of vigorous literature survey, we can conclude that image processing is the most popular and effective method(More)
The sedimentation and aggregation of cells within inkjet printing systems has been hypothesized to negatively impact printer performance. The purpose of this study was to investigate this influence through the use of neutral buoyancy. Ficoll PM400 was used to create neutrally buoyant MCF-7 breast cancer cell suspensions, which were ejected using a(More)
INTRODUCTION Studies have shown different types of RAS mutations in human bladder tumors with a wide range of mutation frequencies in different patient populations. This study aimed to assess the frequency of specific-point mutations in the RAS gene family of a group of Iranian patients with bladder cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS We examined the tumor(More)