Ali Adjoudani

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In this paper, a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) extension for a third generation (3G) wireless system is described. The integration of MIMO concepts within the existing UMTS standard and the associated space-time RAKE receiver are explained. An analysis is followed by a description of an actual experimental MIMO transmitter and receiver architecture,(More)
This document has been prepared in the ESPRIT BRA No. 8579, Multimodal Integration for Advanced Multimedia Interfaces | in the following referred to as MIAMI | in order to serve as a basis for future work. The basic terms which will be used in MIAMI will be de ned and an overview on man-machine-interfaces will be given. The term \taxonomy" is used in the(More)
3D models of the lips have been developed in the framework of an audiovisual articulatory speech synthetizer. Unlike most of the regions of the human face, the lips are essentially characterized by their border contours. The internal and external contours of the vermilion zone can be fitted by means of algebraic equations. The coefficients of these(More)
In the framework of the European ESPRIT Project MIAMI ("Multimodal Integration for Advanced Multimedia Interfaces"), a platform has been developed at the ICP to study the various combinations of audiovisual speech processing, including real-time lip motion analysis, real-time synthesis of models of the lips and of the face, audiovisual speech recognition of(More)
In this paper, we proposed a parametric model based facial animation synthesis. In the proposed algorithm various facial expressions are generated using the parametric models and the novelty of the algorithm is that new expressions can be generated by blending selected expressions. A complete parameterized model for faces would allow the animator to create(More)
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