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The Swarm Intelligence is a new and modern method employed in optimization problems. The Swarm Intelligence method is based on the en masse movement of living animals like birds, fishes, ants and other social animals. Migration, seeking for food and fighting with enemies are 107 social behaviors of animals. Optimization principle is seen in these animals.(More)
The aim of this study is to design ANFIS model and Fuzzy Expert System for determination of concrete mix design and finally compare their results. The datasets which has been loaded into ANFIS contains 552 mix designs and has been based on ACI mix designs. Moreover, in this study, a Fuzzy Expert System has been designed. Input fields of fuzzy expert system(More)
A new approach for feature selection is presented in this paper. The proposed approach uses the Harmony Search with a novel fitness function to eliminate noisy and irrelevant features. Harmony vectors contain real weights which refer to feature space. The best and significant features are selected according to a threshold. Fitness function of Harmony Search(More)
The aim of this study is to design a Fuzzy Expert System to determine the concrete mix design. In the civil engineering, the determination of concrete mix design is so difficult and usually results in imprecision. Fuzzy logic is a way to represent a sort of uncertainty which is understandable for human. So, we can use the fuzzy logic to easily determine the(More)
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