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—to implement e-government successfully, it is important to have appropriate strategies. According to this, at first, different models of e-government are reviewed and the important parameters and key issues for e-government strategic planning are extracted. Secondly, as foresight is a suitable tool to determine appropriate strategies, different foresight(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effect of mitomycin-C (MMC) on corneal endothelial cell density (ECD) and morphology after trabeculectomy. METHODS In this prospective comparative case series, 31 eyes with glaucoma underwent trabeculectomy with (group I), or without (group II) MMC. Specular microscopy was performed pre-, and postoperatively at months 1 and 3.(More)
The Information Technology (IT) governance arrangements refer to the patterns of authority for key IT activities in organizations, including IT infrastructure, IT use, and project management. During the last 20 years, three primary modes of IT governance have become prevalent: centralized, decentralized, and the federal mode. These modes vary in the extent(More)
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