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Somatostatin and dopamine receptors are well expressed and co-localized in several brain regions, suggesting the possibility of functional interactions. In the present study we used a combination of pharmacological, biochemical and photobleaching fluorescence resonance energy transfer (pbFRET) to determine the functional interactions between human(More)
The interactions between TLRs and their ligands have profound immune modulation properties. Attention has focused mostly on the impact of TLR ligands on peripheral innate and adaptive immunity during viral infections, whereas little impact of TLR activation has been shown on thymic development. Here we show that treatment of murine fetal thymic organ(More)
The thymus plays a crucial role in providing the immune system with naive T cells showing a diverse TCR repertoire. Whereas the diversity of thymic production is mainly ensured by TCR rearrangement at both the TRA and TRB loci, the number of cells reaching the double-positive differentiation stage defines the extent of thymic output. A quantitative analysis(More)
Introduction: Kinesin and dynein are biomolecular motors in eukaryotic cells that transport intracellular cargoes along the cytoskeletal networks of microtubules in opposite directions. Interestingly, these proteins bind to the same cargo and are widely believed to be responsible for the bidirectional transport of cargoes [1, 2]. While the basic working(More)
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Introduction As part of producing the Zanzibar Education Development Programme – ZEDP – the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT) invit ed close to 100 participants from the various levels of the education sector in Zanzibar, as well as representatives from other ministries, the Teacher Union, Civil Society Organizations and NGOs to(More)
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