Ali Abbassian

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BACKGROUND Isolated gastrocnemius contracture has been implicated as the cause of a number of foot and ankle conditions. Plantar fasciitis (PF) is one such condition that can be secondary to altered foot biomechanics as a result of gastrocnemius contracture. In this paper, we report our results with an isolated release of the proximal medial head of(More)
A new operation for implantation of the artificial urinary sphincter for total urinary incontinence in women is described. The procedure is done through the vestibule of the vagina with clear exposure of the vesical neck and urethra anteriorly, and easier accessibility for dissection of the vagina from the posterior wall of the vesical neck and upper(More)
BACKGROUND Non-insertional Achilles tendinopathy is an increasing, perhaps secondary to an increase in sporting activities. Traditional open surgical procedures have been associated with a significant rate of complications. We describe a minimally invasive technique involving the release of the adherent paratenon with a peritendinous infusion of(More)
BACKGROUND The focus on evidence-based medicine has led to calls for increased levels of evidence in surgical journals. The purpose of the present study was to review the levels of evidence in articles published in the foot and ankle literature and to assess changes in the level of evidence over a decade. METHODS All of the articles in the literature from(More)
BACKGROUND Impingement syndrome and shoulder pain have been reported to occur in a proportion of patients following whiplash injuries to the neck. In this study we aim to examine these findings to establish the association between subacromial impingement and whiplash injuries to the cervical spine. METHODS AND RESULTS We examined 220 patients who had(More)
INTRODUCTION We performed a questionnaire study to establish the frequency and consequences of the detection of orthopaedic implants by airport security and to help us advise patients correctly. All published literature on this subject is based on experimental studies and no 'real-life' data are available. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 200 patients with(More)
Osteoarthritis in patients who have had poliomyelitis creates a significant challenge. The loss, or reduction of power in the quadriceps, combined with recurvatum and often patella baja can cause problems when considering total knee arthroplasty. The authors present the first case report of a unicondylar knee arthroplasty in such a patient. Functional knee(More)
Acute limp in childhood is associated with considerable anxiety for parents and clinicians alike. It can be a diagnostic challenge in the uncooperative child and any delay in diagnosis can result in significant morbidity and even mortality. A thorough clinical evaluation is of utmost importance. This review revisits the clinical assessment of a limping(More)