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— The problem of causal transmission of a memo-ryless Gaussian source over a two-hop memoryless Gaussian relay channel is considered. The source and the relay encoders have average transmit power constraints, and the performance criterion is mean squared distortion. The main contribution of this paper is to show that unlike in the case of a point-to-point(More)
This paper considers a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) interference network in which each transmitter intends to communicate with its dedicated receiver at a certain fixed rate. It is known that when perfect CSI is available at each terminal, the interference alignment technique can be applied, to align the interference signals at each receivers in a(More)
We provide an overview and some recent results on real-time communication and control over Gaussian channels. In particular, the problem of remote stabilization of linear systems driven by Gaussian noise over Gaussian relay channels is considered. Necessary and sufficient conditions for mean-square stabilization are presented, which reveal signal-to-noise(More)
—The problem of remotely stabilizing a noisy linear time invariant plant over a Gaussian relay network is addressed. The network is comprised of a sensor node, a group of relay nodes and a remote controller. The sensor and the relay nodes operate subject to an average transmit power constraint and they can cooperate to communicate the observations of the(More)
We consider a Gaussian multiple-access relay channel with multiple sources, a relay and a destination. We assume that the received signals at the relay and the destination from different nodes are orthogonal. Additionally, we assume that the relay performs an instantaneous mapping to compress all received signals from different sources into one output(More)